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General Information

What is Supercdk.com?

Supercdk.com is an online platform of selling kinds of game keys, softwares keys and gift cards all over the world.

Do I need to create an account to buy?

You need an account to buy from Supercdk.com. You use the your account checkout option on you will be able to pay directly with your credit/debit card without setting up a account.

You can check the codes from the confirmation email which you will receive after payment or your account in our user center.

How does this work?

With Supercdk.com there are no physical products like box or dvd's,blueray's delivered. You will receive a fully valid and unused digital activation codes.

Can I activate this game in my country?

Please make sure that the game you are buying can be activated in your region/country. Make sure to check the description carefully on our website. Worldwide region keys are eligible for activation worldwide, EU region keys everywhere in Europe, US region keys in the United States and so on.

How will I get keys after purchasing?

You receive your key directly in the account of our user center or in the order confirmation email.

What do the "EU", "US" tags mean?

Few products have region restrictions which means they can be activated only in certain regions. For instance, a game tagged as "EU" can be activated only in Europe, "US" can only be activated in the United States. Products labelled as "Worldwide" can be activated from any place in the world.

Payments and Delivery

What payment methods do you support?

We currently support and Paymentwall which fast and secure. Customers can checkout with their account or as a guest directly with their credit/debit card if they do not currently have a account.

Why is my order delayed - on hold?

Order dispatch shouldn't take more than 10 minutes after creating an invoice. However, there are many possibilities for a delayed order, ranging from technical issues related to internet downtime and/or server issues to safety reasons. Regardless, the first step should always be checking the order status. If you still have questions, please contact our Live Chat.

When and how will I receive my Keys after payment?

Usually your Keys will be sent in 10 minutes by our system after you pay. You will get an email with the link where you can view your keys. Also you can log in SCDKey and view your keys in the User Center.

When will I receive a pre-order product?

Usually we will send keys on the release date.

What should I do if I didn't receive my Keys?

First of all, please check the status of your order and make sure it's paid. Then pleas contact our Live Chat. Our customer service will help you to receive your keys.

Can I ask for a refund?

Yes you can. Please read our Refund Policy for more details.


How can I activate my CD Key for a game?

For steam, Uplay and Origin games, you c an activate them on the platform easily. For XBOX games you can activate them on the page of XBOX.com or on your XBOX ONE/360. For some other games you can activate them on the site. For some special products, you can find the activation methods in the product description.

What should I do if the key is invalid or used?

First of all please check if you typed wrong keys. If not, please take a screenshot of the problem. Our customer service will help you solve the problem.

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